Frequently Asked Questions

Question about Service offers totally free membership to buyer, seller and even to real estate brokers. Free of house for sale listing, rent listing service. Commercial property listing service. Anyone can register and use service at free of charge. 

There is no limit to the number of listings. Anyone who is legally and in accordance with our site’s user terms can be listed indefinitely, and sell business more quickly and accurately with the freedom of platform and resources.

There are no hidden fees or commission.  However, you have to be careful in buying and selling home or renting a property. Use your own discretion or by expert to study enough about the property that listed before make decision. As we have cleared stated in our terms of use takes no responsibility. is a just online listing advertisement company.

Yes, you need to register. As a buyer, finding, searching a home or contacting to seller can be done without registration, but registration must be done to upload or posting a house to site.

If you forget your password, please click on lost password link next to loin section, and we will email a reset the password link via your email. 

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